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Trying to find local girls for sex can be a very, very depressing, demeaning and discouraging activity. Really. You demean yourself because you’re thinking, hey, I’m a highly educated person or I have all these experiences and here I am, reduced to the position of a begging little boy trying to get whatever scrap pussy or action I can get from this website that promises local girls for sex.

What the fuck is wrong with this picture? What the fuck is wrong with me? I think I’ll just kill myself. Well, don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t get too depressed. This happens to all of us, and unfortunately, a lot of guys define themselves based on how often and how effectively they can get pussy.

This is very dangerous territory, let me tell you. Why? Never ever define yourself based on success or failure.

Ultimately, it’s too tempting to define yourself based on your last success or your last failure. You’re worth more than that. You’re worth more than the money you can get. You’re worth more than the degrees you can earn. You’re worth more than the respect other people can give you.

You have intrinsic value. And to constantly reference your value based on external feedback is going to leave you discouraged, diminished, depressed and otherwise exhausted. Why? You can’t control external validation.

Sure, it’s great when people are handing you awards, handing you their money. But what if everything flips and it’s the other way around? What if you put in tons of time and lots of effort only to see shit? What happens then?

So stop looking at external forms validation and start looking at internal forms of reward. This is especially true when it comes to trying to find local girls for sex or hanging out at a local sex site.

How do you define victory in this context? Very simple. Look at where you are in the process and define it that way.

For example, if I just joined a local sex site like, how do I define success? I define success by successfully putting together a profile and then tracking stats. After I’ve done that, I define success based on how many times I’ve modified my profile to match the statistical responses of women in that local sex site. Do you see how this works?

So define victory the right way, otherwise, you’re just going to make things all that much harder for yourself and ultimate defeat becomes a distinct possibility.

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So I know this guy who got really excited about the whole concept of anonymous online dating. He reacted to his first XXX date like a prepubescent teenage girl would react to news of Justin Bieber playing in town. He was totally beside himself, he was telling everybody that he could that he was going to score NSA sex with a hot looking girl. I’ve got to give him some credit, who wouldn’t be excited at the thought of a girl giving up her hot pussy like this?

A part of me – the older, wiser, and more intellectual part – was pretty sad, maybe even a little bit crushed. 9 times out of 10 a guy rushes into an online date and all he can think about is the pussy at the end of the night. 

And sure enough, my buddy came back to work the next day all crushed. It turned out that his XXX date was not much of a date. The chick took one look at him and he started to sweat all over and he could feel that everything that he had planned was going to all come crashing down. They exchange a few words, and sure enough, the date was over well before it began. He was beside himself as to why his XXX date, which began with so much promise, went up in smoke.

After a few hours drinking some beers and smoking some cigarettes with my buddy, the truth came out. He had the wrong mind-set. He felt that since he met this chick at an online anonymous adult dating website, that the pussy would be guaranteed. His XXX date, in his mind, was a one-way ticket to sexual paradise. It was nothing but. Talk about a huge disappointment.

Well, my buddy could have still gotten the results that he had wanted, had he only adopted the right mind-set. The right mind set is pretty straightforward. You have to have a sense of adventure, and most of all you need to be confident in yourself. Believe it or not its actually very straightforward. Give yourself confidence, convey that during the date and in no time at all you be bedding all the pussy that you want from!

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Like with anything in life, there’s always the easy way and the hard way of doing things. You probably already know this.

You see, most people, guys especially, like to do things the hard way. They really like to over complicate things. They often insist on over thinking things and that’s why things take a little bit longer. It requires a lot more drama and there’s just simply an overabundance of bullshit when it doesn’t have to involve that kind of stuff.

You see, if you’re trying to find local sex, you have to first believe that it is simple. Once you believe that something is simple, your mind opens up. It no longer becomes an ordeal. It no longer feels like some sort of task or chore. It doesn’t feel like a fucking midterm paper that you have to write with only one day to go, back in high school or college.

Instead, it looks like it’s something fun. It looks like the first time you went hiking at the Grand Canyon. You see this wide open vista, there are just so many directions you could go, the sun is out and you can see the water is just amazing that your sense of possibility and adventure is triggered, and this impacts your innate and inborn sense of possibility.

You should have that attitude when it comes to looking for local sex because if you have that attitude, you will beat all other guys in your area, hands down. Why? They’re looking at it as a desperate search for a tight hole to stick their hard rod into. In other words, they’re thinking like typical dudes. They’re all greedy. The only thing they care about is them getting their dicks up and then fucking all the girls at .

Now, again, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to have the right attitude first. You have to look at it as a fun exercise so when it comes time for you to get down on your knees and spread a chick’s thigh so you can tongue her ass and pussy, you do it with gusto. You do it not because you necessarily are being pleasured, but because you can feel her electricity and energy as she is being pleasured. Her pleasure becomes yours.

Once you reach that spiritual level, sex becomes holistic. And that’s where all hell breaks loose because she will have a tough time finding it from another guy because guys eat pussy the same way they eat squid sashimi. I’ll leave it at that.

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